Yung Lean – Boylife In EU


Yung Lean – Boylife In EU mp3 free audio download.

While Yung Lean may have initially constructed himself as a mythological figure in the hip hop scene, his music has bled into many other realms over the years. Last year, he released Nectar, an art rock project under the alternate alias of Jonatan Leandoer127.

While he returns to the stage name of Yung Lean for his latest release, “Boylife in EU”, it certainly wouldn’t be accurately classified under hip hop. Aside from the seismic rattling of the trap-inspired drums, everything else about the song suggests alternative rock. He begs to be decomposed over a storm of whirring synths. The surrounding noises are just as plaintive as his vocals. The production mimics his emotions as he moves into the explosive chorus, where he wails the kind of lines you’d expect to hear in a pop-punk record.

The music video for “Boylife in EU” is set to premiere at 12 PM EST. Not much is known about the project that this song will be appearing on. However, it seems it’s being promoted as a lead single, as Yung Lean shared a photo of him standing in front of a billboard of the cover art in Milan.

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