YFN Lucci – Fuck It Feat. JackBoy


YFN Lucci – Fuck It Feat. JackBoy mp3 free audio download.

YFN Lucci just released a new singles track titled Fuck It Feat. JackBoy.

YFN Lucci recently shared HIStory, a sixteen-track reflection featuring contributions from Trouble, Yo Gotti, City Girls, Bigga Rankin and more. Though it flew somewhat under the radar, it was a strong effort across the board from the melodic Atlanta rapper. Now, he’s officially coming through with an epilogue of sorts in “Fu*k It,” a song connected to the preceding album by way of its studious artwork. Not only that, but the track also calls back to themes explored on HIStory, where authenticity is valued above all else.

Producer Ant Chamberlain laces a smooth instrumental fueled by pianos and subtle synthesizers. For the most part, Lucci seems content to throw caution to the wind and declare a state of “fuck it,” where no decision is a bad decision. “I go get them racks I know you know that,” he raps, his melodic delivery complementing the understated beat. “Don’t talk to me bout no lick less you ain’t on it, on the phone with JackBoy, free Lil Kodak.”

Download YFN Lucci – Fuck It Feat. JackBoy mp3.


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