Yella Beezy – Keep It In The Streets


Yella Beezy – Keep It In The Streets mp3 free audio download.

Yella Beezy just released a new 2020 singles titled Keep It In The Streets.

Yella Beezy is deadset on keeping the “Stop Snitching” movement alive, as evidenced by his brand new single “Keep It In The Streets.” Imploring those who find themselves embroiled in conflict to avoid police intervention at all costs, Beezy makes it known that he’ll never cooperate with authorities under any circumstances. “Don’t run to no police, don’t get no man involved, know what I’m sayin?” he requests, over a soulful guitar lick. In that sense, the track feels like a public service announcement, and who better to address the people than Yella Beezy?

Don’t let the melodic cadence fool you. Yella Beezy is delivering hard-nosed bars and bonafide threats. Better get ready, promise I do when it’s time for the fetti, Drop-drop the bag down, put a hole in your head,” he raps. “Bullets start rainin’ just like some confetti, pile up credit, that pressure is heavy.” Should you be interested in catching some real shit from a rising talent in the game, look no further than Yella’s “Keep It In The Streets.”

Download Yella Beezy – Keep It In The Streets mp3.


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