WhiteLyfe – Anxiety feat Freddie Gibbs


WhiteLyfe – Anxiety feat Freddie Gibbs mp3 free audio download.

WhiteLyfe just delivered a new singles track titled Anxiety featuring Freddie Gibbs.

Freddie Gibbs has been flexing his vocal range a little bit more lately and he’s back with another melodic offering, this time with WhiteLyfe on “Anxiety.” The two rappers join forces detailing the paranoia and stresses weighing on their mind. WhiteLyfe comes through on the hook and the first verse with pain riddling his voice. Gibbs slides in on the second verse as he details his own struggles back when he was peddling drugs but he’s finessing his flow with singing, further proving his versatility as an MC. The two released the single along with a hilarious new visual.

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