Tyga & Ozuna – Ayy Macarena (Remix)


Tyga & Ozuna – Ayy Macarena (Remix) mp3 free audio download.

Tyga & Ozuna just released a new singles titled Ayy Macarena (Remix).

Goodness gracious. The macarena was a wholesome all-ages dance before that loveable rascal Tyga got his hands on it. Since then it’s become something far more hedonistic, something far more suggestive. The simple step-by-step dance never once included twerking. Now, Tyga’s mischevious take on the Macarena has forced us to unlearn what we have learned. Especially now that Ozuna has entered the fold by way of an official remix. With his presence on deck, “Ayy Macarena” has likely extended its dancefloor staying power till the summer at the very least.

With the original responsible for sparking the “Macarena Challenge,” — use your imagination as to what that entails– it’s no wonder Tyga seems hellbent on another go-around. With much of the original’s essence remaining unchanged, T-Raww gives Ozuna room to put his own stamp on the Latin-inspired banger. His cadence blending effectively with the brassy fanfare, Ozuna takes to the instrumental like a natural — if anything, this one might overtake the original as the go-do version come clubbing season.

Download Tyga & Ozuna – Ayy Macarena (Remix) mp3.


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