tobi lou – HOT TUB DREAM MACHINE mp3 free audio download.

tobi lou just released a new 2020 new album titled HOT TUB DREAM MACHINE.

Earlier this year, tobi lou popped out with this newest “Hot Tub Time Machine” track. The cut fell right into the batch of lou’s more experimental sounds and served as a satisfying entry to introduce tobi lou’s catalog to the new year. Now, the artist has returned with a new selection that, at first glance, appears to be the same song via his “Hot Tub Dream Machine” release.

This time around, however, listeners can hear slight changes in the track’s lyrics, production, and the overall arrangement as Tobi opts for more intricate harmonies while also delivering on a music video to match the outing, courtesy of his preferred director Glassface. Per usual, the art doesn’t disappoint and good ol’ “kobe lou” can’t miss.

Download tobi lou – HOT TUB DREAM MACHINE mp3.


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