THEY. – Count Me In


THEY. – Count Me In mp3 free audio download lyrics.

THEY. just released a new song titled Count Me In

R&B duo THEY. have returned for the first time in 2020, this time bearing a smoldering anthem driven by a commanding acoustic guitar progression. “Count Me In” wastes little time in catching a vibe, providing listeners with a taste of what’s to come on their new album The Amanda Tape. “This is the song that really set the tone for our upcoming album,” the duo explains to Complex. “It’s got a bit of everything we are known for, guitars, harmonies, that ’90s feel with our own twist.”

The song itself is a strong sign of things to come, revealing the depth of THEY’s songwriting and patience; opting to let things build in intensity, vocalists Dante Jones and Andrew Neely let the music paint a picture, their soaring harmonies enhanced by subtle synthesizers and the promise of drums-to-come. And when they do, the drop is wholly satisfying — a relic of simpler times, namely the 90’s r&b vibe the pair set out to capture. Be sure to check out the new single right now, and keep an eye out for The Amanda Tape to arrive in the near future. What do you think of this one?

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