Tame Impala – Posthumous Forgiveness


Tame Impala – Posthumous Forgiveness mp3 free audio download.

Tame Impala just released a new 2020 new single titled Posthumous Forgiveness.

With the release of his third and arguably most impactful single, “Posthumous Forgiveness,” off his latest LP, The Slow Rush (2020), Tame Impala is looking to take the throne as this year’s most prestigious mainstream musician. With a collaboration with the Gorillaz in the works and sets lined up to perform at some of the world’s most coveted festivals such as Bonnaroo and the Governers Ball, Tame Impala will not be lacking in quality content to provide to those massive crowds of attendees. With that said, “Posthumous Forgiveness” might be the one song that creates lasting memories for those who will be able to witness Kevin Parker and company live in the coming years.

“Posthumous Forgiveness” is a six-minute journey into Kevin Parker’s perspective of his father as a child. Eventually, Parker grows, his father perishes (skin cancer, 2009), and he comes into conversation with his late-life giver posthumously. What begins as a simple kick drum, hi-hat, organ, and guitar riff becomes an explosion of emotion as Parker’s distorted vocals tell the story of unreconciled trauma and longing for his father to view him as a man he grew into.

Screeching synth pads and a thudding repetitive kick drum haunt the once mellow instrumentation and continue throughout the bridge of the song until the second sequence of the song at the 3:51 mark. The instrumentation switches to synth pads as Parker comes to the realization that his father was only a man. Yet, he’s still longing for one more conversation and wishing for his father’s ability to partake in his musical journey today.

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