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Styles P just released a new song titled Time

There’s no simple way of putting it other than this: Styles P can hold his own against anyone on a track. The streets of New York have already accepted this as an undeniable fact. Countless hard-hitting mixtapes and a solid crop of solo albums are exhibit A. His triumphant run with The LOX, from the Bad Boy era to the Ruff Ryders movement is exhibit B. Now, the Ghost has returned with a new single to further run laps on the lollygaggers.

Enter “Time,” a song from the Pinero vaults that finds him floating over a soulful vocal sample. It’s clear that time as a general concept is one that appeals to the ageless rapper turned Juice baron, his catalog packed with “Good Times” and his sophomore album Time Is Money. With this latest release, P proves that not even the guiding hand of father time can slow his gangsta. “Stay humble for thin lines, if he got the silk suit than he came with the thin nine,” he raps. “I ain’t working out shit, I ain’t speakin’ on gym time.”

Be sure to check out this new drop from Styles, who remains one of the releast artists in the game. If “Time” isn’t enough, be sure to check out another new drop in “Mind Power.” Are you down to hear another body of work from the Ghost?

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