Spank Nitti James x Freddie Gibbs – Disappear


Spank Nitti James x Freddie Gibbs – Disappear mp3 free audio download lyrics.

Spank Nitti James x Freddie Gibbs just released a new song titled Disappear

West Coast has always been a hub for incredible talent in the world of hip-hop. In the past few years, it felt like a renaissance was happening with a new generation of rappers cropping up across YouTube and social media. Spank Nitti James, for one, has carried the legacy of those who’ve come before him with tales of gang warfare that happens in the West Coast. Though he’s been bubbling on a regional level, he’s gearing up to do some big things in the future.

Today, he unleashed his latest single, “Disappear” with Freddie Gibbs. Spank Nitti James and Gibbs hop on a grim instrumental led by a haunting ghost synth as they detail a lifestyle of paranoia and crime. The eerie tone lurks throughout as Nitti James holds down the first verse before passing the baton over to Freddie who is fresh off of the release of Alfredo with Alchemist. Per usual, Gibbs proves that he’s one of the most versatile rappers in the game with a pen that gets stronger and stronger with each verse.

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