Smokepurpp – Off My Chest Feat. Lil Pump


Smokepurpp – Off My Chest Feat. Lil Pump mp3 free audio download lyrics

Smokepurpp just released a new song titled Off My Chest Feat. Lil Pump

They always foretold that the unholy duo would ride again. It would appear that time is nigh, as Smokepurpp and Lil Pump have once again joined forces on the fifth month of the twentieth year of the second millennia. The end result is exactly as you might have feared, as yes — they have taken things back to their roots. SoundCloud rap.

There does, however, lie one key difference. They have money now. And thus, the beats are far more palatable than the early days of “D ROSE.” Here they’ve got one from the trifecta of Matthew McCobin, Diego Faras, and Smokepurpp himself, who conjure a menacing take on a “trap” instrumental. Lyrically, you already know what to expect, but a cautious listener might consider hiding their “bitch” just in case.

For those who have grown fond of Purpp and Pump’s brand of mayhem, “Off My Chest” should serve as a worthwhile palette cleanser. In some ways, it’s admirable to see these two young Floridians still securing the bag — especially given that many were quick to write off their longevity. Though the jury might still be out in that department, it’s clear the pair will have their fun while there’s still fun to be had. Enjoy!

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