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Russ – Guess What Feat. Rick Ross


Russ – Guess What Feat. Rick Ross mp3 free audio download.

Russ – Guess What Feat. Rick Ross mp3, Put some respect on Russ’ name. With Shake The Snow Globe set to arrive tomorrow, one of the album’s most anticipated tracks has hit select international markets with a vengeance. “Guess What” marks a new milestone for the young mogul, who has already established himself as one of the industry’s refreshing forward thinkers. After all, a lyrical duet with Rick Ross himself should be a bucket-list item for any rapper worth his or her salt.

Taking to an impactful instrumental from Boi-1da and Jahaan Sweet, Russ snaps in his tone-setting opening verse. “McLarens and convertibles, my Porsche’s name is Perceval,” he boasts. “I studied this shit inside out but I am not reversible, livin’ way too purposeful, my values ain’t coercible.” The song doesn’t relent, with Young Renzel matching stride without breaking a sweat. “Hairbrush me and Russ, comin’ like we Dre and Snoop,” raps Ross, honoring his collaborator with a lofty parallel. “’64 Impala, just the way we play with loot, Big bank ballin’, in the paint, I’m known to shoot.”

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