RMR – Drug Dealing is a Lost Art (ZIP DOWNLOAD)


RMR – Drug Dealing is a Lost Art Album zip file download mp3 lyrics.

RMR just released a new album titled Drug Dealing is a Lost Art

It was the giddiest kind of what the fuck: a black man in gold fronts, a ski mask, and a bulletproof vest, surrounded by peers wielding all manner of guns, passionately crooning about hating police and getting revenge on ex-lovers, to the sound of… Rascal Flatts? The artist’s name was RMR, pronounced “rumor” — fitting for an anonymous singer with obvious music-biz connections but no apparent online breadcrumb trail. The song was called “Rascal,” a nod to its musical source material: “Bless The Broken Road,” best known as a #1 country hit for Rascal Flatts in 2005. “Rascal” presented a piano-led, drum-free arrangement that kept the twangy “Bless The Broken Road” melody intact. But lyrically it diverged sharply: “Others who broke my heart, they were like Northern stars” morphed into “Bitches that broke my heart/ They became hoes I scam.” This gloriously perverse exercise climaxed with RMR belting out, “Fuck the boys in blue,” his voice fluttering ever higher into cries of “Fuck 12, fuck 12!”

Even before the recent push toward racial justice sparked by Minneapolis police killing George Floyd, a black man reframing a mushy, romantic country ballad as an outcry against cops was a stunning gesture. Some three months later, the day after a veto-proof majority of the Minneapolis City Council announced its intention to disband the city’s police department, it sounds no stranger but more ecstatically defiant than ever. If the bizarre spectacle of the “Rascal” video were the only artifact RMR ever contributed to our shared cultural consciousness, he would have already reserved his spot in the annals of weird internet history. But RMR’s subsequent output has affirmed him as a talent with the potential for longevity.

The project was pushed back because of the protests last week, as RMR deemed it irresponsible to release new music as the world focused on much more important things. The drop is now set for June 12 and there will be a lot of attention on the project.

Download RMR – Drug Dealing is a Lost Art Album zip file mp3.


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