O.T. Genasis – I Look Good


O.T. Genasis – I Look Good mp3 free audio download lyrics

O.T. Genasis just released a new song titled I Look Good

O.T. Genasis is one of the funniest rappers in the game, and what makes him so hilarious is the fact that he’s just being himself. From his ridiculous cover of a Keyshia Cole song last year to his recent single “Bae,” the man can do no wrong. Last week, he returned to the scene with another new track called “I Look Good” and, you guessed it, it’s about him looking good.

Flexing his Cuban vacation swag, O.T. Genasis puts on a goofy accent and sings: “I look real good today, I look real good today.” Filming the video during quarantine, Genasis got creative with his camera, setting things up in front of his sneaker closet and just having loads of fun.

At this point, O.T. Genasis has made his money and now he can chill. You love to see it.

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