Noname – Song 33


Noname – Song 33 mp3 free audio download lyrics.

Noname just released a new song titled Song 33

Noname has been very vocal on social media about the atrocities that have been committed to black people over the last few centuries. With the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and others, Noname has made sure to call out white supremacy and has even thrown jabs at those who have yet to speak up.

This past week, J. Cole addressed Noname on the song “Snow On Tha Bluff” where he expressed uneasiness over how she addressed those who have yet to use their voice. Many Noname fans were upset about J. Cole’s approach, and now, the artist has responded with a powerful track that clocks in at just 70 seconds.

Throughout the song, Noname speaks on those who have died over the last month while also talking to J. Cole. In the song, she asks why he would address her, as opposed to the atrocities that are going on. Essentially, Noname would rather J. Cole focus on what’s important, as opposed to writing a song directed at her, specifically.

Download Noname – Song 33 mp3 Audio lyrics.


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