Mick Jenkins – Snakes feat. Kojey Radical


Mick Jenkins – Snakes feat. Kojey Radical mp3 free audio download lyrics.

Mick Jenkins just came through with a new singles track titled Snakes feat. Kojey Radical.

It feels like an age has passed since Chicago lyricist Mick Jenkins dropped off The Circus, a brilliantly written and conceptually charged piece of work. By his own admission, the project was the first of many, with his ambition to stage a hip-hop takeover positioned at an all-time high. It would appear we’re on the verge of kicking off the second phase, with Mick’s new single “Snakes” sliding through to set the tone.

“Pulled up in the vintage thing, checked the rearview through the vintage frames,” spits Mick, his presence formidable in the opening bars. “That’s just gang behind me, dirty n***s, no stains behind me / Free Nation, oh boy, they chained a few n***s that came with slime / Or what niggas might call insane / they like calling bluffs, I won’t call it game.” It soon becomes evident that he’s never in anything less than complete control of his flow, staggering syllables to land where you least expect it.

British rapper Kojey Radical comes through with the assist, closing the up-tempo track with deftly delivered verse. “Maybe it’s sorcery, end up like apostrophe, I need me some accolades if I’m speakin’ honestly,” he spits. “I need me a couple plugs, just check my discography.” Look for Mick’s two-pack to be completed with the release of the Kaytranada-produced “Frontstreet,” and sound off in the comments – is Mick Jenkins top 5 with the pen?

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