Mick Jenkins – Frontstreet Feat. Kaytranada


Mick Jenkins – Frontstreet Feat. Kaytranada mp3 free audio download lyrics.

Mick Jenkins just released a new singles track titled Frontstreet Feat. Kaytranada.

The Circus has packed up and left town, but the remnants of its chaotic arrival continue to linger long after the fact. Perhaps that was Mick Jenkins’ plan all along. To settle in for a brief moment, wreak havoc with his scathing wit and relentless commentary, and move on to the next project. After all, Jenkins seems hellbent on making 2020 one for the ages, one in which his prolific work ethic elevates to new heights.

Now, the Chicago poet has come forth with a pair of bangers, his first new music since delivering his EP in January. In one corner we’re looking at the Kojey Radical-assisted “Snakes,” a hard-hitting banger you can check out right here. Here, we’ve got another link-up between Mick Jenkins and Kaytranada, a pair that have already solidified themselves to be a dominant musical partnership. “Frontstreet” is no exception, with Kaytra’s skittering percussion and invasive synths striking the perfect backdrop for Jenkins’ musings.

“These days gotta put me on Frontstreet, no cutscenes, just a one-shot,” he spits. “Call it Clifford, got the red in the front seat, and the loud turn heads like a gunshot.” Check out the atmospheric jam right now, and sound off – is Mick Jenkins top five with the pen?

Download Mick Jenkins – Frontstreet Feat. Kaytranada mp3 Audio.


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