Kota The friend – Everything (ALBUM ZIP DOWNLOAD)


Kota The friend – Everything Album zip file download mp3 lyrics

Kota The friend just released a new album titled Everything

Brooklyn rapper Kota The Friend may seem atypical compared to the average person’s idea of a hip-hop star. For one thing, he says his ultimate goal is to help other artists surpass him — an ostensible no-no in the hypercompetitive world of rap. But Kota didn’t join the game to be on top — instead, he wants only to make music to encourage others to pursue their own dreams, hyping them up all the way and living up to his genial sobriquet.

Kota’s seemingly counterintuitive approach has endeared him to rap fans of all stripes though, as he grew his audience from the low thousands to garnering millions of streams on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube in the few short years that he’s been active. His 2019 full-length Foto was a critical favorite, proving as well that hip-hop still has a niche for low-key personal music in a time where it can feel like everything needs to be supersized just to get noticed.

The amiable rapper followed up his shining moment in 2020 with an EP titled Lyrics To Go, Vol. 1, displaying his lyrical prowess in a series of one-minute, freeform verses. He plans to follow that with another full-length, Everything, dropping on May 22 and featuring appearances from fellow New York breakouts Bas and Joey Badass, as well as Chicago upstart Tobi Lou.

Over the phone with Uproxx, Kota turned out to be as approachable as his name suggests as he broke down the albums features, being vulnerable in his music, and being okay with having “fame, not clout.”

Download Kota The friend – Everything Album zip file mp3.


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