Keke Palmer – Virgo Tendencies


Keke Palmer – Virgo Tendencies mp3 free audio download.

Keke Palmer just released a new 2020 new singles track titled Virgo Tendencies.

She may currently be a co-host of ABC’s Strahan, Sara and Keke, but Keke Palmer is a multihyphenated entertainer who keeps herself busy. The longtime actress is known for her many television and film roles, but Keke also fancies herself a singer, as well. Keke has released two studio albums: So Uncool in 2007 and Waiting to Exhale in 2016. She often flexes her vocal skills on social media, but this weekend we received a new single from the talk show host titled “Virgo Tendencies.”

On the track, Keke addresses all of the pitfalls of a toxic relationship and why the romance has come to an end. She calls out her unidentified partner and lets them know that their lack of investment has caused her to tap out. There’s hasn’t been a formal announcement about an upcoming project from the singer, so, for now, it seems as if this is a stand-alone single. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if Keke Palmer had a musical surprise up her sleeve. Check out “Virgo Tendencies” and let us know what you think.

Download Keke Palmer – Virgo Tendencies mp3.


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