J.I The Prince Of NY – Welcome To G Starr Vol. 1 Album (Zip Download)


J.I The Prince Of NY – Welcome To G Starr Vol. 1 Album zip file mp3 download lyrics

J.I The Prince Of NY just released a new album titled Welcome To G Starr Vol. 1

Expect to hear J.I dive deeper in that lane. Just last week, he officially released, “Spanglish” with Myke Towers, serving as the lead single off of his upcoming EP, Welcome To G Starr Vol. 1. The song marks his official foray into Latin music, though dabbling with sounds outside of hip-hop was all part of the plan in the first place.

“I tried to put more like reggae, Afro, dancehall beats and vibes on the tape so people could vibe more,” he told HNHH about the sound of his upcoming project. “I genuinely feel like ‘Spanglish’ is just a different type of record because it connects with the Spanish culture and the English culture and it kind of just combines it all together.”

With a collaboration with Lil Durk set to drop on this new project, as well as support from artists like Drake and Roddy Ricch, J.I. has major potential to transcend the American market and become a household name across the globe, especially after all these years of grinding. The resilience and persistence have pushed his competitive nature, though he admits that he’s not in competition with anyone but himself. That’s what he wants fans to understand, though — his mentality. Teaming up with Spotify’s RADAR, J.I will be giving fans an in-depth look in his upcoming mini-documentary that we’re debuting the trailer for today. Watch below.

“I’m a regular person just like you all like my heart beats just like yours does. I feel emotions just like you do. And at the end of the day, I’m not superman. The music I make, the money I make, that adds on to who I am and my status, and people view me highly because of it, but I’m a regular person just like everybody else,” he said. “I was waiting to do a documentary. I just wanted to be able to show the fans the mental process of J.I, like what I go through mentally, how I deal with certain things.”

J.I recently tapped in with us from Puerto Rico to chop it up about his new mini-documentary with Spotify RADAR, Welcome To G Starr Vol. 1, his upcoming collaboration with Lil Durk, as well as his plans to dethrone Steven Spielberg in the film game.

Download J.I The Prince Of NY – Welcome To G Starr Vol. 1 Album zip file


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