H.E.R. – I Can’t Breathe


H.E.R. – I Can’t Breathe mp3 free audio download lyrics.

H.E.R. just released a new song titled I Can’t Breathe

Although cities have laid out plans to reopen in the coming weeks and millions of people took to the streets to protest in recent days, artists are still opting to continue to isolate themselves or engage in social distancing. H.E.R., real name Gabi Wilson, partnered with iHeart Radio and State Farm for their Living Room Series, and during today’s (June 10) performance, she premiered a song titled “I Can’t Breathe.”

“Just by the title, you know that it means something very, kind of painful. Very revealing. I think it’s necessary. These lyrics were kind of easy to write because it came from a conversation of what’s happening right now, what’s been happening, and the change that we need to see,” Wilson said. “I think music is powerful when it comes to change and when it comes to healing and that’s why I wrote this song, to make a mark in history and I hope this song does that.” Check it out and let us know what you think.

Download H.E.R. – I Can’t Breathe mp3 Audio free download lyrics.


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