Gorillaz – Friday 13th ft. Octavian


Gorillaz – Friday 13th ft. Octavian mp3 free audio download lyrics.

Gorillaz just released a new song titled Friday 13th ft. Octavian

Today, Gorillaz have continued to unleash the full force of their “Song Machine,” pressing a variety of color-coded buttons and landing on an Octavian collaboration. The ensuing track is “Friday The 13th,” a smoldering and eighties-inspired anthem. Fueled by vintage synthesizers and a steady bass groove, Octavian scales things back and lays down a smooth melody. “I’ve been drinking and smoking too much, that shit damages,” he admits. “Give me a lot I can do it myself, I can manage it.”

As the song builds in intensity, additional layers begin to manifest, to the point where the arrangement nearly runs the risk of losing control. Yet the Gorillaz are no strangers to this particular dance, and “Friday The 13th” never quite explodes into a chaotic mess. If anything, the additional elements serve to add new harmonic layers, many of which go a long way in enhancing Octavian’s emotional vocals. Provided you’re into the whole modern-day eighties ballad wave, it’s likely you’ll find some pleasure here. Keep an eye out for Gorillaz to continue their “Song Machine” series in the weeks to come.

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