Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats – DIET_


Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats – DIET_ mp3 free audio download.

Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats just dropped a new singles song titled DIET_.

Last night Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats linked up for a surprise EP called Unlocked, featuring seventeen minutes of hard-hitting bangers and a strong conceptual throughline. Though the project makes for a cohesive and scenic voyage through a wonderfully rendered apocalyptic landscape, one particular standout moment arrives on “DIET_.” Upon reaching the lush jungles that have somehow withstood the end of days, Denzel and Kenny head deeper into the heart of darkness, machetes first questions later.

Fueled by crisp and punchy percussion, Zeltron fires off a wealth of flow schemes and clever references ranging from street culture to geek culture. Initially positioning himself for a sneak attack, his cadence proceeds to channel the legendary DMX in a classy homage. “Get money from a show then deposit it,” he snarls. “Your show got no hoes, I acknowledge it.” It’s no wonder many people have been clamoring for Denzel and Kenny Beats to get together. If this is the way they operate, the next project won’t come soon enough.

Download Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats – DIET_ mp3.


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