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Daniel Caesar just released a new song titled Cyanide

Last year, Daniel Caesar delivered one of the best r&b albums of the year in Case Study 101, which featured highlight tracks like “Superposition,” “Entropy,” and “Cyanide.” Today, Caesar has come through with a pair of releases, made possible as part of the Spotify Singles movement. While neither are technically new-new, he did come through with an updated take on “Cyanide” for the occasion. Where the original took its time, more of a slow burn as it were, this new version finds Daniel Caesar conducting a livelier pace.

Featuring the lush sound of a live jam session, the Spotify Session “Cyanide” is almost infectious, certainly a different energy than the Case Study variant. Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a vastly different take on the song, but it’s certainly interesting to hear a quick-tempo version; the changes do give room for subtle changes in vocal delivery, providing Caesar with space to experiment freely with something pre-established. A fun time to be had for all involved. Check it out now, and sound off – which version do you like better?

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