D Smoke & SiR – Let Go


D Smoke & SiR – Let Go mp3 free audio download lyrics

D Smoke & SiR just released a new song titled Let Go

D Smoke and SiR express their anger and hurt following the murder of George Floyd by police on their new track, “Let Go.” Smoke begins the track by exploring the tragedies of the pandemic, including seniors graduating on Zoom after working so hard in school. He then moves on to spitting about police brutality and the state sanctioned murder of Black Americans, brought even more to light recently after footage of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, being suffocated to death by police began circulating this week. At the end of his second verse, Smoke makes mention of this innocent man, rapping, “I wrote this the day they killed George Floyd/We won’t forget your story.”

The song includes hard-hitting lyrics like “give a pig a rope he’ll make a noose” and “Even though they test they feet upon our neck/Or shove their knee on our spine ’til we rest in peace/And they never get convicted.” Ultimately, although SiR repeats that “The solution for this whole institution/Just to breathe, we need to let go,” Smoke decides that they’ve “done let go one too many times.” Check out D Smoke and SiR’s powerful message on police brutality and injustice below.

Download D Smoke & SiR – Let Go mp3 Audio lyrics.


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