Cassidy – Stop


Cassidy – Stop mp3 free audio download.

Cassidy just released a new singles track titled Stop.

Cassidy isn’t stopping any time soon. While he might not be in the limelight any more, he’s still making sure that his bars are heard in whatever way he can. Sometimes, it comes in the forms of URL battles that lead to humiliation on Twitter (i.e. his recent battle with Arsonal) while other times, he just steps in the booth and drops a quick 16 for the masses. Either way, it’s clear that Cass’ love for the art of rapping hasn’t died down at all.

Today, he returned with a brand single titled, “Stop.” The rapper comes through with a mildly socio-political record over a phat bassline that sounds fitting for a Cassidy song in 2020 — it’s simple yet effective and gives Cass enough room to do what he does.

Download Cassidy – Stop mp3.


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