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Cam just released a new song titled Redwood Tree

Cam already has one of the best singles of 2020 under her belt with “Till There’s Nothing Left” and she keeps her hot streak going with a nostalgic new track called “Redwood Tree.” Essentially a lament for childhood and simpler times, this tearjerker is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. “Oh redwood tree, don’t you recognize me? Know it’s not much time for you, but it’s been decades for me,” she begins the song over Tyler Johnson’s stripped-back production. “Sorry I had to leave, eager mind and a teenage heart can get hooked on a dream.”

That take us to the crushing chorus. “I saw the world, you saw my parents grow old,” Cam belts. “You got your roots and I got the wind in my soul.” What inspired the song? “I grew up with a redwood tree in my backyard as my climbing tree,” the country star reveals. “Spent so many afternoons up there as a kid looking out and dreaming about the future. It feels like I’ve lived 5 lifetimes since then — I’ve done more than I can even remember, but still part of me wishes I could’ve stayed put, to have that time at home.”

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