BONES & Xavier Wulf – TaintedBliss


BONES & Xavier Wulf – TaintedBliss mp3 free audio download mp3 free audio download

BONES & Xavier Wulf just released a new song titled TaintedBliss

Bones and Xavier Wulf are all about being unorthodox. Throughout the course over their careers, their ability to think outside the box has only worked in their favor. That being said, their latest release is arguably their most polarizing to date. I mean, the two typically deliver incredibly dark, Memphis-influenced tracks but their new song, “TaintedBliss” has the two rappers diving into the world of 80s pop. The two sample The Midnight’s 2014 song, “Days Of Thunder,” that shares the same title as the album, for a speedy and far more melodic effort than ever before. The song clearly takes influence from 80s pop, even though it was released in the 2010s, but Xavier Wulf and Bones did a great job at channeling that energy on “Tainted Bliss.”

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