BAAUER – PLANET’S MAD mp3 free audio download lyrics.

BAAUER just released a new song titled PLANET’S MAD.

Today marks the arrival of some great news for Baauer fans, who have been eagerly anticipating the producer’s sophomore album. As of now, his upcoming project Planet’s Mad is set to drop on June 5th, leaving us wondering whether we’ll still be stuck inside as the summer begins to heat up. Either way, we’ll have the latest soundscapes from Baauer to keep our minds racing, beginning with his lead single and highly topical dance banger “Planet’s Mad.”

With the project said to be a return to his roots, a deviation from his collaborative-heavy approach, “Planet’s Mad” offers a preliminary look at what we can expect from Baauer’s latest. Kicking off on an appropriately heavy note, what with the ongoing state of the titular planet being rife with panic, anxiety, and uncertainty, the track blasts along driven by blistering electric guitars. All the while, Baauer’s concept of alternative life plays out within the accompanying visuals, imbuing the track with more character than one might expect.

Download BAAUER – PLANET’S MAD mp3 Audio.


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