Azizi Gibson – Kamikaze


Azizi Gibson – Kamikaze mp3 free audio download.

Azizi Gibson just released a new 2020 new singles track titled Kamikaze.

Azizi Gibson has a few strengths with one of them being his ability to source inspiration from dark places. This is perfectly exemplified on his latest record, “Kamikaze.” The rapper delves into the darkness with heartbreak, regrets and a cup full of muddy as he details confronting his inner demons. Gibson’s vocal performance ranges across the track, going into more melodic sing-rap style while painting an image of his inner turmoil. “Life got me stressed/ Poppin’ pills and I’m sippin’ the lean/ I’m wishin’ that today was my last day,” he says on the hook.

Download Azizi Gibson – Kamikaze mp3.


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