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AURORA just released a new song titled Exist For Love

2019 was a breakthrough year for AURORA. The Norwegian pop star reached a whole new demographic by lending her voice to “Into The Unknown” for Frozen II and instantly won them over with her ethereal vocals. She will only build on that momentum with “Exist For Love,” a sophisticated ballad that evokes the ’40s and ’50s with its exquisite strings (the handiwork of award-winning composer Isobel Waller-Bridge). Amazingly, “Exist For Love” is the 23-year-old singer’s first love song.

“When I take your hand, like the world has never held a man,” AURORA coos in the opening verse. “I know I cannot heal the hurt, but I will hold you here forever.” The chorus is even more romantic. “And then I learned the truth, how everything good in life seems to lead back to you,” she sings. “And every single time I run into your arms, I feel like I exist for love.” It turns out, “Exist For Love” is the result of an epiphany. “I thought I didn’t have a love song within me, until one day a few years ago, when I realized what a heavenly thing love is,” the breakout star explains.

“Yes, it makes us human, but it also makes us divine,” AURORA continues. “Whatever you’re using that love for. Or who. The touch of it will leave a print in us. It may be newborn love, it might be grief. But still we dare to love. Again and again. And when we get to experience that love, I think we understand why we exist. We exist for love.”

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