Yung Pinch – 4EVERHEARTBROKE 4 Album free mp3 zip download.

Yung Pinch just released a new studio album project for 2020 titled 4EVERHEARTBROKE 4.

It was a long road to the release of Yung Pinch’s debut album, but when Back 2 The Beach finally arrived last month, it boasted a unified sound. Perhaps this is because Pinch has constructed a persona of sorts. On the first track of his new EP, he announces his return by saying “Beach Boy in this.” Yung Pinch is The Beach Boy, singing his sticky melodies over guitar-based beats.

He sings and raps about unrequited love, untrustworthy friends and the alienation of fame. When sharing the four-track 4EVERHEARTBROKE 4 on Valentine’s Day, he presented it as “some good old sad boy shit.” In this sense, he slaps this often-derogatory label on himself before anyone else can. Once you accept that the California-bred artist is going to be deep in his feelings – at times crossing over into sappy territory – you can appreciate his knack for crafting the kind of poppy emo-trap crossbreed that has earned its place in the music landscape.

4EVERHEARTBROKE 4 doesn’t feel like a quick pivot to a new chapter of Pinch’s career. It sounds more like an addendum to Back 2 The Beach. Even if the lyrics are a bit more bleak, Pinch primarily makes songs that uplift.

Download Yung Pinch – 4EVERHEARTBROKE 4 album zip download.


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