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ALBUM: Neru Thee Fourth Fugee – The Almanac


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Neru Thee Fourth Fugee – The Almanac album, Baltimore native Neru Thee Fourth Fugee has spent her career sharing stages with the likes of The Roots, IDK, Oddisee, and Danny Brown, and now she returns with her genre-bending project The Almanac featuring additions from Deetranada and Ill Camille. The lyricist, vocalist, producer, and activist shared her nine-track offering that includes productions by Neru and her hippy Trippy Collective.

“Reminiscent of early Funkadelics with facets of legendary Lauryn Hill, while firmly operating in her own lane, Neru Thee Fourth Fugee merges elements of hip hop, neo-soul, funk, ambient and psychedelic music to create her own unique sound,” states a press release. “Her abstract lyricism, transcendental harmonies and trance-like kaleidoscope melodies create a thought provoking mind bending listening experience with all of your senses.”

Neru also spoke about the inspiration behind crafting The Almanac. “I’ve always had the idea of creating a musical Almanac to shed light on significant events and astronomical data throughout history. The Almanac is a collection of history, paradigm shifts, cosmic happenings, philosophical ideas, biblical theories and current events. The Almanac is an assortment of ideologies that are left up to the listeners own devices to interpret.” Check it out and let us know your thoughts.


1. Doom
2. The Tzolkin (Writer’s Block)
3. Apple of Antagonism
4. 30 Billion (Doesn’t Matter)
5. Rxedx Wxhitex Bxluex (RWB)
6. Spectrums
7. Dessalines Dissemination
8. C-Spine [Bonus Track] ft. Deetranada
9. Rogue [Bonus Track] ft. Ill Camille

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